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  • 9635 Huebner Road, San Antonio, TX 78240
  • (210) 692-1181

American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2005

We are dedicated to promoting an environment of compassion, concern and support for every patient regardless of social or economic status and regardless of type of insurance. We will strive to not only support the patient and their family but also to support each other as the ever-changing field of medicine becomes more complex.

Honesty and Integrity, Compassion and Caring, make up the foundation of PRMA and at no point shall these principles be compromised.

Our Standards of Service

  • We provide our patients with quality medical care and exceptional, warm and caring patient/customer service.
  • We believe that each patient deserves the best care available in today’s medical industry.
  • We seek to develop a partnership with our patients in creating a higher level of health.
  • We are dedicated to maintaining our education and our professionalism at the highest level.
  • We understand that the achievements of our organization are the result of building teamwork with those we serve and among ourselves.
  • We will share information with our patients so they can make an educated and comfortable decision about their healthcare needs.
  • We believe that only through providing care to others in a value system that is compatible with our own can we achieve harmony in our lives.

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy & Lumpectomy – What Are Your Options?

Breast reconstruction makes women whole again after breast cancer. It restores something that nature provided but cancer has taken away. It is covered by insurance thanks to a 1998 Federal Mandate.

Unfortunately, many breast cancer patients are not offered the option of breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Women have several reconstructive options. These range from implants to “flap” techniques which use the patient’s own tissue to recreate a “natural”, warm, soft breast. The nipple and areola can also be recreated.

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