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American Board of Plastic Surgery, 1996

During her summers in college, Dr. Harris worked in several Chicago hospitals on both the medical and surgical floors. It was while she was working as a clerk in the operating room that she able to observe surgery and she developed an interest in this specialty. She was also exposed to the study of medicine by her father who was an internal medicine physician. Because of this experience, Dr. Harris developed a fascination for medicine and decided to become a surgeon.

Dr. Harris attended medical school at Northwestern University. She was most inspired by her surgery rotation and planned to pursue plastic surgery as a means of utilizing her artistic talents in a surgical career.

Dr. Harris completed both her general surgery and plastic surgery residencies at University of Virginia. In addition, she completed a year of research studying “Factors Responsible for Minimizing Formation of Scars” and presented her findings at the American College of Surgeons.

She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

During her residency, she met and married a fellow resident, Mansel Harris. His interest in an academic career led them to San Antonio where he taught at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and currently is a urologist in private practice. Their two daughters were born in San Antonio and they share their home with Labrador Retrievers and rescued pets.

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

What causes breasts to sag to the point one might consider breast lift surgery?

Pregnancy, nursing, excessive weight loss or gain, or the natural aging process can cause breasts to lose their natural elasticity. Breasts may begin to sag or hang penduously.

What you need to know about breast lift procedure

A breast lift surgery is one of many approaches to cosmetic surgery of the mammary glands. While breast argumentation and reduction are well known, this procedure is also helpful for women looking to improve their self-image and renew the contours that their body had during youth. Sometimes the procedure is used subsequent to other mammoplasty.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

The technical term for this procedure is mastopexy. The purpose of the operation is to correct the size, shape, and elevation of breasts that have begun to sag due to various reasons. This sagging is known as breast ptosis. During surgery, doctors may both remove and adjust the placement of various tissues inside the breast. Each technique must carefully ensure the functionality of the nipple-areolar area in order to avoid preventing successful lactation in the future.

Variations of the Procedure

Surgeons can take one of a few approaches to this procedure. There are both full and modified breast lifts for women with sagging breasts. There is also a breast lift surgery for women with previously augmented breasts.

  • Mastopexy procedures can include the elevation of the nipple, tightening of the skin, tightening of the deep breast tissue, or correction of all of these issues.  Mastopexy can also remove excess breast tissue and excess lateral fatty tissue.  Surgeons use various incisions for this procedure.  Dr. Harris favors the short scar incision, or lollipop shaped incision.  Only on very severe cases does she use the inframammary crease incision.
  • Mastopexy of the Augmented Breast

Augmented breasts suffer stress due to excess weight. This stress causes sagging, just as aging would in unmodified breasts. Since the implants cannot be excised, the operation is a little more complicated than a typical breast lift procedure.

If you are interested in a breast lift, consult your physician first. He or she can tell you about your options. Most breast lifts are outpatient procedures.

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