Men Now Account For 40% of Breast Reductions — Here’s the Inside Scoop on Why


Men Breasts Reduction

In February the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its national statistics for 2015. Among the findings: Doctors performed 6.7 million Botox procedures, and buttock implants were the fastest-growing type of cosmetic surgery.

But one major statistic stood out: Male breast reductions accounted for more than 40% of all breast reduction surgeries. That’s nearly 27,500 of the total reported 68,106 procedures — a 35% growth since 2000.

March 17, 2016 |

My Asian Double Eyelids Surgery


I am an Asian male who just turn 46 years old. I wear prescription glasses. I notice that for the past couple years, my eyesight has gotten a lot worse. I have been told by my ophthalmologist that I am reaching the age where my vision changes. I am near sighted so I can see very clearly when things are very close to my eyes. But now that my eyes are changing, I have trouble seeing things near and far. I also notice that my peripheral vision has gotten worse. I have difficulty driving at night. I feel like I don’t get enough lights coming into my eyes.

I complain about my persistently poor eyesight to my wife for the past year. My wife noticed that my eyelids were quite droopy and appeared to block my vision. On October 2015, my wife took me to see an oculoplastic surgeon for a consultation. During the consultation, the doctor mentioned that my eyesight could possibly be improved by having an upper eyelids surgery. This surgery will lift my eyelids therefore allowing more light coming into my eyes and help improve my peripheral vision.

My oculoplastic surgeon took some pictures of my eyes. I also had a Humphrey Visual Field exam for both of my eyes. These vision tests and her consultation information were sent to my health insurance company. The doctor warned me that normally the insurance company will reject this type of surgery for Asians. Many health insurance companies believe Asian eyes are normally small and double eye lids surgery for Asians are mainly for cosmetic purposes. Here is a picture of my eyes before the surgery. You can judge for yourself if I needed the double eyelids surgery for my vision or for cosmetic purposes.
Before double eyelid surgery - blepharoplasty

Fortunately my double eyelids surgery was approved by my health insurance company.  At the urging of my wife, I made the appointment for my double eyelids surgery.  Here is a picture of my eyes immediately after I came out of the operating room.

AsianDoubleEyeLidSurgery-1st Day

On the day of the double eyelids surgery, my wife took me to the clinic as I would need her to give me a ride home.  Looking at my picture, you can tell that I’m glad that she came with me and will be driving me home.

Before the nurse wheel me into the operating room, the anesthesiologist gave me some medication through my IV to relax me.  The oculoplastic surgeon came to talk to me and my wife to give us a brief overview before the operation.  During preop, she did not do any eyelids marking or advice on the amount of the eyelids she will be removing.

During the operation, the anesthesiologist gave me some mild sedation while the nurse dropped some numbing solution into my eyeballs.  The surgeon proceeded to mark my eyelids and injected local anesthetic into my eyelids.  She had me look up at her multiple times for measurements I guess while she marked my eyelids, applied local anesthetic and performed the procedure.  While she worked on my right eyelid, I felt no pain.  But when she worked on my left eyelid, I felt pain.  Then I told her.  She injected more local anesthetic.  I felt pain and she advised me it was because of the needle.  Then she continued with her surgery.  I continued to complain about pain for 4-5 times while she worked on my left eyelid.  The next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room with a nurse and my wife there.  Above is what my eyes looked like immediately after the operation.




January 9, 2016 |

Breast Implants in the Inland Empire


Dr. Todd Rau, self proclaimed the Jewel of the Inland Empire, performed breast implants for a number of happy and satisfied breast implant patients in the Inland Empire.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 1

After having 3 kids, she wanted her body back. She had a liposuction surgery, along with breast augmentation, and full breast lift. She is pleased with the results. Recovery time was shorter than she expected. Would recommend to other Inland Empire breast implant patients.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 2

After breast implant surgery, she was back to work in 1 week as oppose what she thought was 2 weeks. Felt pain only the first few days. She would go back for another procedure and had never been happier with her body.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 3

She had the breast implant surgery. It went really well. The explanations by Dr. Todd Rau was very thorough. She knew what to expect for the surgery and recovery process.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 4

In addition to liposuction, she had breast implant surgery with Dr. Todd Rau. After having the breast implant surgery her clothes fit so much better, she looks better, and get compliments. The overall proportion in her outfit improved dramatically.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 5

She chose Dr. Todd Rau to do her breast augmentation surgery. She had the surgery on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and she able to go back to work on the following Monday. She has beautiful boobs! After the breast implant surgery she feel like a “balanced” hourglass. She has hips & boobs!

October 27, 2015 |

Dr. Lara Devgan – A Super Cosmetic Surgeon Marketer & Self-Promoter of NYC


Dr. Lara Devgan

I came across Dr. Lara Devgan of NYC cosmetic surgery blog post that she had written for one of the cosmetic surgery websites I was researching. I wish I remember the cosmetic surgery terms & website. Nevertheless, her cosmetic surgery blog post was quite comprehensive. I was so impressed that I visited her blog. Yes, people do go to your website/blog after they have read something comprehensive/impressive you have written. Patients would even think that you are a superstar plastic surgeon if your writing is super comprehensive and thorough.

I have always thought that plastic surgeons are brilliant doctors & people. However, having visited many surgeons’ websites, they give me the impression that plastic surgeons are just like the rest of us. Not having spent enough time, effort, and thoughts into content marketing and self promotion are surely some of the factors that impact a Plastic Surgeon’s online reputation, and their super awesomeness factor. Plastic Surgeons’ websites often look tired, neglected, and not engaging.

You maybe the Michael Jordan in Cosmetic Surgery and may have many Cosmetic Surgery awards and accolades. But if I live in NYC, I would give Dr. Lara Devgan a call first. A cosmetic surgeon who is so thoughtful, thorough, and self-promoted her Cosmetic Surgeon profile would surely be the surgeon I want to be on my side. Imagine the amazing cosmetic job Dr. Lara Devgan will do on my body with the same thoughtful, thorough, and crafty skills she has use to create her Cosmetic Surgeon Profile.  Dr. Lara Devgan of NYC, you are awesome!

Here is a synopsis of her Cosmetic Surgeon profile:

Dr. Lara Devgan is a board-certified, Yale-educated, Johns Hopkins Medical School-instructed, and Columbia/ New York Presbyterian Hospital-trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon. Her special interests are cosmetic surgery of the face and body, and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, skin cancer, and facial injuries.

Dr. Devgan has been ranked “#1 female cosmetic surgeon” in New York by RateMDs, featured as a “Super Doctors Rising Star” plastic surgeon in The New York Times Magazine, named the featured face specialist in Haute MD‘s “Nation’s Best Plastic Surgeons,” awarded the “Top Plastic Surgeon in New York” designation by HealthTap, recognized with the “Patients’ Choice Award” by, granted the “Top Doctor” designation by RealSelf, and given the “Excellence in Customer Service Award” by Talk of the Town.

You can read the rest of her profile here.

You have some stiff competition out there, Cosmetic Surgeons!

October 26, 2015 |

Angeles Gimenez, Playboy Model, Gets VelaShape Treatment with Newport Beach MedSpa


Playboy model, Angeles Gimenez of Newport Beach, CA, talks about her VelaShape treatment. Her aesthetic plastic surgery nurse shows and talks about VelaShape while she performed the treatment on Angeles Gimenez. The VelaShape treatment is like a deep tissue massage and it helps eliminate cellulite and tighten skin. The VelaShape is a gentle treatment – apply heat, burn away the fat. Needs about 8 treatments. VelaShape has both radio wave, infrared, and suction to burn fat, smooth and tighten up the skin.

Francine Oca, RN – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Nurse (MedSpa)
Sanjay Grover, MD – Plastic Surgeon

October 26, 2015 |

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Restore Youthful Looks Naturally – Compliments Botox


Dr. Kuldeep Minocha of UK talks, shows and performs Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment on a patient. This treatment has fantastic results for skins especially around the eyes where skins are thin and prone to dark circles.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment procedures:

  1. Draw blood from patient.
  2. Separate the red blood cells, leave just the platelet. Multiple cycles to increase platelet concentration.
  3. Inject the platelet to patient’s face.
  4. It takes 24 hours for the injection pockets to settle down.
  5. Very little risk of any form of reaction to the treatment because Platelet Rich Plasma is natural as it comes from the patient’s blood.
October 26, 2015 |
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