Mommy Makeover – List of Common Cosmetic Procedures



Surgeries to fix part of body that pregnancy and childbirth affect the most.

Breast augmentation. Restores fullness to the patient’s breasts and, in some cases, revises their shape or appearance for greater symmetry and beauty.

Breast lift. Pregnancy and aging can cause the breasts to sag. A lift procedure removes excess tissue and repositions the breasts to a more youthful state.

Tummy tuck and liposuction. Women who are unhappy with the appearance of their midsection after giving birth consider undergoing mommy makeover surgeries. Pregnancy often gives women excess skin and fat around their abdomen, and tummy tuck combined with liposuction can create a new, slimmer contour.


Liposuction in other areas of the body. You may have noticed pockets of fat and excess skin in other parts of your body, such as the upper arms, inner thighs, or hips. Liposuction can eliminate this fat.

CoolSculpting®. This procedure is a non-surgical technique to remove fat in the abdominal area. Unlike, tummy tuck and liposuction, it is a non-surgical procedure and mommy makeover patients can go back to excise immediately. The cost of this procedure vs. tummy tuck and liposuction is similar. But, recovery time is immediate vs. weeks and months of recovery time compare to other procedures.

Facial treatment. Remove wrinkles and fine lines. This includes non-surgical treatments, such as fillers and Botox®.

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