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American Board of Plastic Surgery, 1999

Atlanta Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Michael J. McNeel is proud to be one of the plastic surgeons who can help you achieve your goals at Marietta Plastic Surgery. His extensive knowledge about endoscopic plastic surgery makes him an ideal choice for certain forehead lift and face lift procedures, as does his training in reconstructive surgery. Dr. McNeel’s general knowledge of plastic surgery and dedication to your safety and health make him an exceptional plastic surgeon to perform any cosmetic surgery procedure.


Dr. McNeel graduated with honors from the University of Florida before pursuing his medical degree from the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami. He then resumed his studies in the Atlanta area at Emory University School of Medicine, where he completed five years of general surgery training and served as chief resident in general surgery.

From general surgery, Dr. McNeel chose to pursue plastic surgery at Emory University through a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency. Emory University is considered one of the premier universities to undergo plastic surgery training in the United States, and Dr. McNeel’s completion of this training is one mark of his excellence in his field. In addition to his studies, Dr. McNeel shared his expertise by serving as an instructor to other plastic surgeons from around the world, focusing on the use of endoscopic plastic surgery which is minimally invasive and produces less scarring than traditional types of plastic surgery. Dr. McNeel has been serving the greater Atlanta area since 1997.

Dr. McNeel has achieved membership at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the foremost society for plastic surgery in the United States and a world leader in plastic surgery research and technology. In addition, he is:

  • Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Member of the Medical Association of Georgia
  • Member of the Cobb County Medical Society

Dr. McNeel has served as the chief of surgery, chief of plastic surgery, vice chief of surgery, and chairman for several committees at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta. He has shown his dedication to the area for more than two decades, and continues to serve as an active member of the community through his family’s involvement in their local church.


You look in the mirror many times every day, even if you’d rather not. Your medicine cabinet in the morning, the rear-view mirror as you get in the car, even the mirrors in public restrooms reflect your face as you wash your hands. And if you don’t like what you see, it can seriously impact your self-confidence and self-image. Perhaps you have always felt uncomfortable about a certain feature or features of your face. Or perhaps you used to be very happy with your appearance, but age has taken its toll on your features, and you are now less happy than you used to be. In either case, plastic surgery may be able to help you feel better about your appearance and yourself.

To learn more about facial plastic surgery procedures and which might be right for you, please contact Marietta Plastic Surgery today to schedule a personal facial rejuvenation consultation with one of our board-certified Atlanta facial plastic surgeons.

If your face betrays your age, or, worse, makes you look older than you are, facial rejuvenation can take many years off your appearance to help you regain your more youthful, attractive look.

Facelift is a procedure that addresses loose, hanging skin and other tissues in the face to provide long-lasting rejuvenation over much or all of the face, especially the lower two-thirds of the face, including the neck. There are many different variations on the facelift procedure available, and they’re all detailed on our main facelift page.

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, battles the tired, sagging appearance our eyes can get with age. The result is a refreshed, more youthful appearance. If people assume you are tired, sad, or angry even when you are feeling energetic and happy, eyelid surgery may be a good option for you.

Forehead lift, also known as a brow lift, is a procedure that lifts sagging brows and reduces deep furrows in the forehead region. It is a popular complement to eyelid surgery, and for some patients neither procedure gives optimal results without the other.


If you have long disliked your nose, ears, cheeks, chin, or other features, plastic surgery may be able to help you improve their appearance so that you feel self-confident, not self-conscious. You can stop hiding your face behind hair or under hats and show your face proudly and happily.

Rhinoplasty, also called a nose job or simply nose surgery, is a procedure that reshapes your nose to improve its appearance. If your nose is too large, long, wide, or has a bump, hump, or crooked bridge, rhinoplasty can help. It can also improve some functional defects in the nose.

Otoplasty, also known as ear reshaping or ear pinning, is a procedure that reshapes the ears. It can be used for ears with a congenital deformity, that stick out too far from the head.

Cheek and chin augmentation uses facial implants to reshape the face. If you have a receding chin or cheek bones with insufficient definition it can throw off the proportion of your face, making your nose look bigger, or making you look more masculine or feminine than you desire.

Sometimes, facial reshaping procedures are best performed in combination. In particular, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation can be very good complements to one another.

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