Hayley Brown, MD

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  • 10001 S. Eastern Avenue Suite 406, Henderson, NV 89052
  • 702) 260-7707

American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2001
Dr. Hayley Brown went to medical school to pursue her life-long goal of becoming a plastic surgeon. She was raised in a family of physicians and was exposed to various medical fields during her childhood in Scottsdale, Arizona. Plastic surgery always sparked interest, as it was the only field in medicine and surgery where science merged with visual art, both passions for Dr. Brown. She has always enjoyed working with her hands and creating.

When asked why she became a plastic surgeon, Dr. Brown replies:

“I have always been visually oriented, having a visual and perceptual appreciation for beauty in nature. I have always been extremely creative, and appreciative of uniqueness in individuals. The best thing about my specialty is actually being able to visualize my work, and to have other people appreciate and experience happiness at the improvements. I enjoy the constant challenge, as no operation is exactly the same, based on individual differences in anatomy, tissue characteristics, and also patient desires. It is always interesting to experience another individual’s perception, and to satisfy personal goals on all levels. I strive for excellent results, naturalness, and harmonious body proportions, while honoring individual expectations. The most satisfying part of my practice is when the potential of the individual is maximized, and they outwardly reflect the positivity within.”

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