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American Board of Plastic Surgery, 1996

One of the most difficult aspects of plastic surgery is choosing the surgeon who will do your procedure. There are many review sites singing the praises of various surgeons but what benchmark should be used when making this most vital decision? The answer condenses down to one word; results.

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles has available starts by meeting the surgeon, seeing the before and after photos that showcase the procedure and evaluating how comfortable you feel communicating your wishes and dreams.

Following that there are a few other guides that prospective patients can use such as the number of years in practice, the specialized training the surgeon has received and whether or not he or she instructs others in technique. Instructing other surgeons is a reliable tool to use when evaluating a surgeon for the simple fact that an exceptionally talented surgeon will always be asked to pass on their specialized knowledge to others.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles

Dr. Daniel J. Casper is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Pasadena and Los Angeles regions. He has been performing cosmetic surgery procedures for more than 30 years and is one of the most prolific plastic surgeons in Los Angeles area.

Dr. Casper has been unanimously voted as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena since 2011. Additionally, companies that supply plastic and reconstructive surgeons with products such as breast implants, liposuction equipment and tissue matrix products routinely send their representatives to observe his surgeries.

Allergan™ and Mentor™, two of the world’s most trusted suppliers of these products consider Dr. Casper to be a standard by which others can be measured when using their products. As a prominent cosmetic surgeon, Los Angeles residents willingly make the trip to Pasadena to benefit from his expertise.

Dr. Casper has an International Reputation for excellence in Breast Augmentation, and Breast Revision procedures. Dr. Casper is committed to providing the highest quality of advanced cosmetic surgery and to making sure that every one of his patients is completely satisfied.

Discerning patients seeking the best choose Dr. Casper

Who are his patients? They are discerning individuals who are seeking a top tier surgeon to perform their procedure or repair a disappointing result. Dr. Casper has performed thousands of procedures and is known as the ‘go to’ surgeon when difficult revision procedures are needed. He finds that his practice is seeing a large percentage of revision breast patients which is due in part to work performed by inexperienced surgeons in other countries. He cautions all of his prospective patients to take their time in choosing their surgeon as it is the most important decision they will make.

From Playboy cover girls to moms

Celebrities, models and those who make their living in front of the camera routinely seek out his skills as a world class cosmetic surgeon. Recently, a Playboy cover model with an unsatisfactory breast augmentation credited Dr. Casper with making it possible for her to successfully audition for the coveted cover of this world renowned magazine. Her previous result, including a revision attempt, would have kept her from achieving the pinnacle of her modeling career.

Pasadena residents who want to look their best for an upcoming wedding or a school reunion are among those who call him arguably the best cosmetic surgeon Pasadena has available. Many women in the ‘baby boomer’ group have turned back the clock by many years through such procedures as liposuction, breast augmentation with a lift, facelift and other rejuvenation procedures. With over 3 decades of experience, Dr. Casper is confident that he can help any patient look as young and energetic as they feel on the inside.

As a top Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Casper and his staff provide a friendly, professional environment as well as safe, comfortable care to give patients a positive experience each time they visit. He offers plastic surgery financing options to make the process easier for you.


What stands Dr. Casper apart from his peers is the level of care he gives each and every patient, no matter how busy he is. From the initial consultation to the very last follow-up, Dr. Casper and his staff are there with you to make sure you attain the cosmetic goals you set out to achieve. Kind, warm, caring and professional, Dr. Casper has the credentials, training and experience to qualify him as one of the best cosmetic surgeons Los Angeles has ever seen.

The results that Dr. Casper produces on a routine basis are extraordinary. He truly has a gift to take your vision of what you feel is a beautiful and womanly figure and turns that dream into reality. Many who choose Dr. Casper for their cosmetic procedure have already consulted with multiple plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. They choose Dr. Casper for his overwhelming skill in the art of beautification, for his ability to transform an idea into reality and his understanding of what your goals and ideas of perfection are.

Not only is he an expert at the first time breast enhancement surgeries, he is proficient at the sometimes complicated breast revision surgery. If you feel that you might need to redo your already-performed procedure, you should set up a private consultation right away.

The following information should give you an idea of Dr. Casper’s extensive background and experience, qualifying him to deliver excellent, natural, and among the best cosmetic surgery results that Los Angeles has available.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedures available. In addition to being a popular stand-alone procedure, this procedure is commonly performed as part of a mommy makeover. Dr. Casper provides the best breast enhancement Los Angeles has to offer and can enlarge the appearance of your breasts to give them a full, natural appearance with improved contours, helping you achieve your goals with beautiful results.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Every woman has a slight difference in breast size, shape and position. When the difference is noticeable and upsetting there is no need to live with breasts that are mismatched in any way. Breast asymmetry correction surgery is a procedure that has helped thousands of women to achieve balance in their appearance and to discover a newfound freedom when participating in everyday life activities.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is designed to improve sagginess or droopiness that may be affecting the appearance of the breasts. This procedure can be significantly effective at reducing excess skin and lifting the breasts to a higher position, resulting in a firmer and shapelier appearance.

Breast Reduction

Patients with breasts that are too large for their bodies can often suffer from discomfort, the inability to wear desired clothing, and extreme self-consciousness. With breast reduction surgery, Dr. Casper can reduce excess fat in the breasts for results that are more proportionate to your body.

Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery can address problems you may have with a previous breast enhancement procedure to give you the results you were originally hoping for. This can be for Capsular Contracture, Symmastia, Double Bubble, Bottoming Out, High Riding Implants, or many different types of asymmetry. It’s also often performed to help patients upgrade their breast implants to another type or size.

Breast Implant Removal

It’s important to understand that breast implants are not necessarily designed to last a lifetime. Most women who get breast implants will need to undergo some form of revision or removal surgery at some point as the implants and the body age.

Nipple Reduction

A nipple that is too long or wide can overwhelm a breast that is otherwise beautiful in shape and size. A nipple reduction is a procedure for both women and men that are self-conscious about the size of their nipples in proportion to their breasts or pectoral muscles.

Male Breast Reduction

Many men suffer from a condition that causes their breasts to enlarge, giving them a figure similar to a woman. This cause of this condition could be linked to a transfer of estrogen while in the womb. When exercise and dieting doesn’t reduce the size of one’s breasts, it may be time to consider a male breast reduction procedure.


Dr. Casper offers facelift surgery to patients seeking a more youthful appearance. Facelift surgery can help reverse signs of aging and sun damage by tightening loose, sagging skin and jowls. During the procedure, Dr. Casper tightens not only superficial facial skin, but also the underlying SMAS fascia. This dual approach eliminates deep creases and provides lasting results.

Patients can choose from a number of facial procedures, depending on their unique needs. For those who require a more comprehensive lift, Dr. Casper can perform a neck lift in conjunction with a facelift to reduce excess drooping along the neck and beneath the chin and jowls.


Browlift surgery is another option available to Dr. Casper’s patients. An aging brow can give the constant appearance of a frowning, tired or angry expression. Browlift surgery lifts and tightens the forehead area, raising eyebrows that have lost their youthful, alert appearance, while simultaneously minimizing forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and tension lines. Most patients who undergo this procedure emerge with beautiful results, looking more refreshed and rejuvenated than ever.

Eyelid Surgery

Many of Dr. Casper’s patients come to the office after noticing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and puffiness around the eyes and eyelids. Aging eyes can appear tired and heavy due to excess skin and fat deposits that have formed in the upper and lower lids. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, removes the extra skin and fat deposits from the eyelids, creating a more youthful, revitalized look that radiates throughout the entire face.

Dr. Casper performs “transconjunctival” blepharoplasty, an approach that uses internal incisions to eliminate scarring and rejuvenate the lower lids. This technique also reduces post-surgery swelling and loose skin, making recovery time remarkably short.

Blepharoplasty is often used in conjunction with Dr. Casper’s facelift procedures to create harmony among the various features of the face. For more information about such facelift combination approaches or eyelid surgery in general, contact one of the topfacial plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. Daniel Casper today!

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a fantastic procedure for patients looking to enlarge their lips for a fuller, more sensual appearance. This popular procedure can make use of the patient’s own fat, Restyllane, or Juvederm to create a soft, natural augmentation.

Through the process of aging, the lips lose their natural volume. This effect causes the lips and mouth to thin and droop. Lip enhancement can revitalize the mouth area and restore your youthful pout.

Lip enhancement also provides solutions for patients looking to correct irregularities or achieve balance between their upper and lower lips. Dr. Casper routinely performs lip procedures. His experience and artistic eye ensures that you will receive the most natural results from your enhancement.


Tumecscent Liposuction is a very popular surgical technique for fat removal that can reduce pockets of excess fat in an array of body areas, including the arms, thighs, flanks, hips, back, and chin. This procedure can help you get rid of stubborn fat pockets that have become resistant to diet and exercise.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck, medically known as an abdominoplasty, addresses excess skin that can accumulate in the abdominal region following weight loss or pregnancy. This procedure tightens the abdominal muscles and eliminates excess skin, pulling the remainder taut for a smoother, flatter appearance.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover procedures involve a combination of treatment options that can improve your appearance following a pregnancy. This comprehensive procedure can involve skin enhancement, breast enhancement, body contouring options, and other treatments designed to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy figure.

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