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American Board of Plastic Surgery, 2000

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta

Dr. Alan N. Larsen is a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. In preparation for his career in plastic surgery, Dr. Larsen earned his medical doctor degree from the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Continuing to seek excellence in his education, he moved across the country where he finished his five-year general surgery residency at the University of Florida Jacksonville campus.

After four years as a general surgery resident, Dr. Larsen advanced to chief resident during his fifth year, from 1994 to 1995. Dr. Larsen was accepted to the Plastic Surgery Fellowship in Winston-Salem North Carolina at Wake Forest University’s Baptist Hospital – one of the country’s most demanding plastic surgery programs. In 1997, he finished as Chief Plastic Surgery Resident.

After completing his plastic surgery fellowship, Dr. Larsen traveled throughout the country and trained with some of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in the nation. He settled in Atlanta, setting up his exclusive cosmetic surgery practice in the Buckhead district of North Atlanta.

Besides being the father to his two sons Eric and Andrew and daughter Anna, one of his greatest passions is downhill skiing. He toured internationally at the professional level, competing in giant slalom and slalom in Europe, Canada, and the United States. At home, his hobbies include reef ecosystems (fancy fish tanks) and photography.

Board Certification

Dr. Larsen is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Prerequisites for board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery include:

  1. Prior completion of a certified plastic surgery residency.
  2. Successful completion of the American Board of Plastic Surgery written and oral certifying examinations.
  3. Documentation of clinical experience in plastic surgery.
  4. Operating only an approved surgical suite.

Breast Reduction for Men

The desired look of the male chest is broad and flat. Some men unfortunately struggle with a chest that may appear more feminine in nature. This condition is often referred to as gynecomastia. While changes in lifestyle, including diet and exercise, can sometimes help flatten the chest, surgical intervention is often necessary.

In this case, patients may turn to Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Alan N. Larsen for male breast reduction. This procedure removes excess fat and breast tissue, helping to contour a man’s chest.

Deciding if You Are Right for Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction is a body contouring procedure that is performed to specifically target the aesthetic needs of some men. Men who deal with excess breast tissue that gives the appearance of a feminine chest may turn to this surgery as the only means for removing the tissue.

Removing the surplus breast tissue as well as a conservative amount of fat in some cases can lead to improved self-confidence for many men. Additionally, with a new outlook and more masculine chest, patients may feel more comfortable in tight-fitting clothing or even going shirtless at the beach or poolside.

How It’s Done

Male breast reduction is performed when the patient is under a local anesthetic with sedation. This means you will sleep through the procedure. Dr. Larsen will perform an incision around the nipple, allowing access to the tissue and fat in the chest area. Through this unique vantage point, he can remove the excess breast tissue with a scalpel.

Using a thin tube called a cannula, he may also use liposuction techniques to remove surplus pockets of fat that add to the undesired appearance of the chest. Once the proper contours are attained, Dr. Larsen will close the incisions with sutures and apply a compression garment around the chest.

What to Expect

When you leave our Atlanta plastic surgery practice, you will need a ride and help at home for a day or two. You will not be able to exercise for several weeks, but you will be expected to walk shortly after surgery.

You will need to wear the compression garment for a few weeks, as it will hold the new contours of your chest and ensure proper healing. Expect some swelling and discomfort following male breast reduction. To help you manage this discomfort, Dr. Larsen may prescribe medication.

After you have fully healed and swelling has dissipated, you will see the benefits of your male breast reduction. Your chest will appear firmer and more broad. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the changes should be long-lasting.


As with other surgeries, some complications are possible. Following male breast reduction, you may experience infection, scarring or excessive fluid loss or accumulation. Complications such as these are rare.


Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Alan N. Larsen performs several procedures in reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction and scar revision. These procedures are intended to improve both form and function of the body. The following pages will give you more information about each procedure performed by Dr. Larsen.

What is Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is beneficial for people who have experienced a traumatic injury or those who were born with a congenital defect. The goal is to normalize the patient’s appearance and maximize his or her functional ability.

Procedures typically repair the negative effects of cancer, previous surgeries, injuries and other issues that affect the body.

Common Reconstructive Procedures

Breast reconstruction is commonly performed after breast cancer treatments like mastecomy or lumpectomy. This is one of the most rewarding reconstructive surgeries performed by Dr. Larsen. After a woman has gone through breast cancer treatment, she has many reconstructive options which can range from breast implants to using her own tissues to reconstruct the breasts.

Scar revision is beneficial for patients who have suffered a trauma to the body that has resulted in a prominent scar. While this reconstructive surgery does not remove a scar completely, it can reduce its appearance and improve the mobility of the surrounding skin and tissues.

Tissue expansion is used during some types of reconstructive surgery, especially breast reconstruction and scar revision. The procedure uses your tissue to cover defects from surgery or injury. In a  multi-step process, the doctor slowly stretches the skin, creating adequate tissue for reconstructive surgery.

Inverted nipple correction is indicated when the patient’s nipple appears sunken within the breast. By everting the nipple, Dr. Larsen may improve its appearance as well as its function in activities like breastfeeding.


Procedures for Men

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, Atlanta

More men today care about looking their best. Whether they want to get ahead in business, meet the right person, or simply feel better about their looks, they realize that they can benefit from the innovations in plastic surgery.

Here in Atlanta, more men are visiting Dr. Alan N. Larsen at Buckhead Plastic Surgery. Men frequently say they want to look younger or redefine some aspect of their appearance, such as the nose, chest, chin or jaw.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Dr. Larsen has the expertise to give men the look they want and deserve. Men often choose procedures such as the following:

Male Breast Reduction

If gynecomastia (excess breast tissue on males) is a problem, male breast reduction can help. The procedure will remove excess fat from the chest, providing a sleeker and more masculine physique. With small incisions, Dr. Larsen uses liposuction or a scalpel to remove fat and glandular tissue.


Dr. Larsen frequently performs liposuction for men around the waistline. The surgery can restore the confidence that a man often thinks is unattainable. Liposculpture and lipo-etching are just two of the newest techniques Dr. Larsen has brought to the operating room to sculpt a good-looking abdomen.

Injectables and Skin Renewal Procedures

We also cater to men’s skin care and nonsurgical needs with procedures such as laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, and facials. Microdermabrasion, BOTOX®, Restylane, Radiesse and medical grade skin care products are also common non-surgical treatments for men. All these procedures are performed in a safe and professional environment at Buckhead Plastic Surgery. Treatments are directly overseen by Dr. Larsen.

After Weight Loss

Procedures like abdominoplasty or belt lipectomy can be beneficial for a man who has experienced major weight loss. Removing the loose tissue around the midsection with these procedures can provide a flatter abdomen and improve lower body shape.


Nose reshaping can balance out the nose with a man’s other facial features. Often combined with chin augmentation, a rhinoplasty can meet a variety of different aesthetic goals, such as: reducing irregularities on the nose, narrowing a wide bridge, or turning the tip up or down.

Chin augmentation

The ideal chin is prominent while remaining in proportion to the nose and forehead. If the chin is small, these other features can appear larger than normal. With a chin implant, a small chin can be augmented, resulting in a significant impact on a man’s overall look. Dr. Larsen makes a short incision below the chin to insert the specially-shaped silicone facial implant in front of the jawbone.

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