Breast Implants in the Inland Empire


Dr. Todd Rau, self proclaimed the Jewel of the Inland Empire, performed breast implants for a number of happy and satisfied breast implant patients in the Inland Empire.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 1

After having 3 kids, she wanted her body back. She had a liposuction surgery, along with breast augmentation, and full breast lift. She is pleased with the results. Recovery time was shorter than she expected. Would recommend to other Inland Empire breast implant patients.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 2

After breast implant surgery, she was back to work in 1 week as oppose what she thought was 2 weeks. Felt pain only the first few days. She would go back for another procedure and had never been happier with her body.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 3

She had the breast implant surgery. It went really well. The explanations by Dr. Todd Rau was very thorough. She knew what to expect for the surgery and recovery process.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 4

In addition to liposuction, she had breast implant surgery with Dr. Todd Rau. After having the breast implant surgery her clothes fit so much better, she looks better, and get compliments. The overall proportion in her outfit improved dramatically.

Inland Empire Breast Implants Patient # 5

She chose Dr. Todd Rau to do her breast augmentation surgery. She had the surgery on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and she able to go back to work on the following Monday. She has beautiful boobs! After the breast implant surgery she feel like a “balanced” hourglass. She has hips & boobs!

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