Brazilian Butt Lift Transform a Makeup Artist from 4 to an 8 in Hotness


Dr. Ashkan Ghavami from Beverly Hills explains and shows the before and after surgery of a Brazilian butt lift patient. It literally transforms her from 4 to an 8 in hotness.

Before operations:

  1. Patient Feels like a 4 in hotness.
  2. She is a great ideal candidate for the Brazilian butt lift surgery.
  3. She has a good body silhouette already – Hip bones flare out, and rib cage comes in. Cannot see her true body silhouette because fat and extra padding in the waist.
  4. Enhance her body, and make her buttock looks amazing…maximum potential.
  5. She tried exercise and diet..but could not move her love handle to her butt.
  6. Brazilian butt lift is exactly what she needs.

After operations:

  1. Suction out a diamond shape in her lower back.
  2. Take all love handle fat cell, fat from her back and arms.
  3. Transfer the fat to her buttock (on top/bottom/side)
  4. “S” curve butt life procedure to create an “S” curve contour.
  5. She feels and looks amazing! an 8 in hotness?
October 25, 2015 |

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